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On The Tables

Platinum Rim Dishware

Sold By Racks Only

10" Dinner Plate   20 Plates/Rack = $11.90/Rack
12.5" Plate   20 Plates/Rack= $26.70/Rack
7" Salad/Dessert Plate   20 Plates/Rack= $9.00/Rack
6" Bread & Butter Plate   20 Plates/Rack= $9.00/Rack
Soup/Cereal Bowl   16 Bowls/Rack= $6.60/Rack
Cup   25 Cups/Rack= $9.45/Rack
Saucer   20 Saucers/Rack = $7.60/Rack

* Delivery is Additional, Please Call For Pricing

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