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Quest to Reinvest

On November 10, 2011, Michael Parkin, President of Exeter Events & Tents, created the charitable foundation A Quest to Reinvest to become involved with New Hampshire non-profits. The goal was to understand the needs of our community and to support and recognize the non-profits that devote their time improving the community.

Our initial intent was to provide the local charitable organization that most embodied the core values expressed at Exeter Events and Tents a grant in the amount of $3,000. However, we were so inspired by all the wonderful organizations we decided to give two separate $3,000 grants. The recipients were Families in Transition and Seacoast Big Brother Big Sisters.

The twenty-three remaining applicants were also deserving of recognition so we decided to issue partial grants totaling over $13,000.

This year’s Quest to Reinvest will expand to include non-profits not only in New Hampshire but also in counties including Northern Essex, MA, Middlesex, MA and York County, ME.

We will grant $3,000 to the 5013c whose philanthropic beliefs most closely align with those practiced here at Exeter Events & Tents.

These values include:

Supports individuals facing life’s tragedies
Supports the needy, the ill and less fortunate
Protects Mother Nature, her animals and environment
Supports those striving to reduce obstacles pertaining to issues of race and gender.
Supports empowering individuals through training, retraining and education
Demonstrates moral and ethical code

The application process will begin November 18, 2011 and close March 1, 2012. The Quest to Reinvest grant recipient will be announced March 15, 2012.

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Photo Contest

Contest Information:

To qualify, contestant must contract with Exeter Events & Tents for their event rentals. There will be one $1,000 grand prize.

The contest will be held for event dates between May 1, 2011 through October 31, 2011. Submission deadline for the photo contest is December 31, 2011. On January 4, 2011, Exeter Events & Tents will post the photographs for the second contest on the Exeter Events & Tents Photo Contest Facebook page. Voting on Facebook for the second photo contest will begin on January 4, 2011. Voting will end January 31, 2011 at 8:00 pm EST. The photograph with the most likes will win the contest. Votes will also be taken at the WERZ bridal show and will be posted under each photograph. The winner will be announced on February 1, 2011.

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