• Whether you’re looking for a romantic feel for your tented wedding, or to add some sparkle to your birthday party, our café lighting brings it all! Strung from the sides of your tent up to the peak, it’s the perfect addition to any tented event large or small. From nautical events on the seacoast in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Maine, to rustic weddings in the woods you can’t go wrong no matter how formal or casual with café lighting!

  • Looking for some basic lighting for “just a pop” under your tent? Perimeter lighting is the way to go! Strung along the inner perimeter of our tents, it provides that extra touch you need for your event. Whether you’re Barbecuing with friends, or dancing the night away, perimeter lights just may be that little something you need for your wedding, bbq, bar or bat mitzvah, and much more!

  • Paper lanterns are a great way to add a personal touch to your tent. Go with classic neutrals for an elegant touch, or bright colors to bring a little whimsy to your event. Paper lanterns are a great way to show school spirit for a graduation party, or to bring some fun to your backyard birthday party. The possibilities are endless!

  • You can’t go wrong with our bronze or crystal chandeliers! A classic look for any upscale wedding, a fun touch for an anniversary party, or a focal point for your corporate event.

  • Our onion lights are such a versatile option for your event. Vintage? Check! Nautical? Check! Industrial? Check! Bohemian? Double Check! Dressed up or dressed down, they’re the perfect fit for any tented event!

  • Do you want your tented event to shine bright as can be? Spotlights are the way to do it! Neutral up-lighting can be great for corporate functions, dinner parties, weddings, and more. Speak with one of our wedding and event consultants today to find the right lighting for your tented event!

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