Showroom Location:
12 Forbes Road
Newmarket, NH 03857
Phone: 603.778.9838

Showroom Available By
Appointment Only:

May 1 – Oct 31
Monday-Friday 8:30 – 5:00
Saturday 8:30 – 3:00
Nov 1 – April 30
Monday-Friday  8:30 – 4:00

What is your cancellation policy?
A 25% deposit is required to reserve any tent order (50% for non-tent rentals). All deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future rental!

What do I need to know before reaching out about rentals?
There are a lot of factors that go into planning a tented wedding and we know it can feel daunting when you’re just getting started! Most importantly for us, we need a wedding date, a preliminary guest count and a location. We recommend having a caterer selected so we can be sure that you know what kind of additional costs may be associated if your caterer requires rental equipment or you need to rent your table settings.

How far in advance should I begin planning and reserving rentals for my event?
There’s no good rule of thumb for when to reach out about rentals. Once you have a date set and a venue/location locked down, give us a shout! Everything is subject to availability and once reserved you can feel free to make changes to your order up until 2 weeks prior to your event, so it doesn’t hurt to get rentals checked off your list early!

Do you have a minimum order?
We are more than happy to help with events of any size! We do require a minimum order for deliveries and that minimum is dependent upon your distance from our location, but if you don’t meet that minimum you can always pick up from the warehouse(not all items are eligible for pick up).

How do I know what quantities to order for my party?
This is a question that we still haven’t found the perfect answer for. Every event is different, whether it be an intimate dinner party, or a full tented wedding reception. If you don’t plan to use a caterer or bartending service for your event, there are some online resources to help you estimate quantities. If you will be using a caterer or a bartending service we recommend asking that vendor about your specific event!

Is delivery and set up available?
Absolutely! Delivery can be added to your order at an additional cost dependent upon your location and the parameters we have to deliver and pick up within.

How do I know what time my order will be delivered?
When you reserve your order, if there are any parameters that we absolutely have to work around let us know! If you are completely flexible, we’d love to know that, too! Our standard deliveries happen anytime 1-3 days prior and pick up is 1-2 days after. We will happily make note of your preferred date of delivery, but depending on availability we can’t always guarantee that the delivery will happen on your preferred day. Once we have completed our delivery schedule for the week of your delivery, we will reach out to confirm the specifics with you!

Do I need to be present when Exeter Events delivers or picks up equipment?
While you aren’t required to be present on delivery, it is something we strongly recommend doing. For tent installations, we do require that DigSafe (800-DIG-SAFE) is contacted to mark out any public underground utilities where the tent is being installed, and we require that any private utilities are marked out by the property owner. If you absolutely cannot be present, we ask that a predetermined space to leave rentals is listed on your contract or that the area where your tent is being installed is clearly and accurately marked out.

My event is on a Saturday, but I’d like to have the items delivered on Friday.  Will this add to my rental cost?
It won’t! We prefer to deliver items at least a day or so prior to events to make sure you have plenty of time to decorate and set up as you see fit. Let us know your preference when you reserve so we can be sure to make note of it!

I am ready to make my reservation. How do I go about placing my order?
Contact us at our showroom so we can get you started with either an in person appointment or if you know exactly what you need and don’t wish to come into the showroom, we can chat over the phone!

Are there any additional charges in which I may incur?
If any items are missing or damaged upon return, you will likely be charged the cost of replacement which would be pulled from your predetermined security deposit. If we run into issues upon delivery such as an unmentioned 100’ plus walk from where we can park our truck to where the items are being delivered, that’s also something that you may be charged for. The more information we have, the better we can prepare you for delivery!


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