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With sail cloth tents available in multiple sizes, you can host any size occasion in virtually any location. Want a beautiful wedding by the sea where the glow of your elegantly lighted tent reflects off the water? A corporate gathering in a sprawling field, giving your employees, business partners, and potential clients a feeling of freedom in this beautiful streamlined design.

When you see a sail cloth tent you get a vision as if it was floating on air. It's clean crisp lines, true white color, light weight fabric gives you the feeling of floating under a parachute. At night, use multiple lighting configurations to bring out the opaque fabric with a beautiful glow. The options are endless with the innovative product.

 Sizes Available

20' Round 32' Round 44' Round 51' Round
20'x 27' Oval 32' x 40' Oval 44' x 63' Oval 51' x 71' Oval
20' x 37' Oval 32' x 50' Oval 44' x 83' Oval 51' x 91' Oval
  32' x 60' Oval 44' x 103' Oval 51' x 111' Oval
  32' x 70' Oval   51' x 131' Oval


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